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Huntley Coached

By Ed Grosswaler, Of The Associated Press,
Corvallis, Gazette-Times, 1974.

Record-Holder Huntley Coached by OSU Jumper

High Jumper Joni Huntley, a slender high school senior, turns bashful when strangers invade her life in the rural Willamette Valley Community of Sheridan, population 2000.

But among friends she's relaxed and outgoing. And strangers get a warm welcome despite her natural Reticence.

In the high jump pit, she's the American women's record holder after a leap last month of 6-0 1/2.

That's without working hard, says Joni, who practices high jumping just once a week at Oregon  State University, 48 miles from home.

"I really enjoy jumping probably because I haven't worked hard at it," she says.

The trip to Corvallis is necessary partly because Sheridan High School doesn't have a track, let alone a high jump pit.

Another reason is Glen Stone, a high jumper for OSU who's been coaching Joni. Stone is a former Corvallis High Jumper who has cleared 6-10.

Ralph Huntley, Joni's Father, describes Stone as an excellent coach because of his ability to analyze Joni's mistakes techniques and correct mistakes.

Joni does the Fosbury Flop, a jumping style made famous by former OSU jumper Dick Fosbury, who won the gold medal at the Olympics in 1968

High Jumping isn't Joni's only event. She is the state class AA high school champion in the long jump and placed second last year in the 10-yard dash. She started hurdling last year and finished fourth in the state.

The girls' track team at Sheridan works out in the gymnasium and the hallways and travels to nearby schools for workouts. a new track is under construction at Sheridan, but won't be ready this season.

Joni has been competing in track meets since she was nine. Her father recalls her first high jumping was using the scissors style in a pile of grass clippings.

At 17, she's already a seasoned international competitor. She was named outstanding girl athlete last year in competition in Poland and won the high jump in the Russia-U.S. meet in Moscow earlier this year.
Joni Huntley World Rank and Accomplishments:

For those of you who are not familiar with Joni Huntley, she was a force to be reckoned with in the world of high jumping for more than a decade. Her US and World rankings, and other accomplishments speak for themselves.

Other Accomplishments
1974 11
1976 16
1978 2  
 4 5th, HJ 1980 Olympics
 1 Bronze Medal HJ,
1984 Olympics