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Summary of Experience

Mechanical Engineering degree with extensive and diverse work experience including coaching, teaching, engineering, computer programming, and architecture.

Coaching Experience

As a College Student

Coached Joni Huntley one day a week during part of her high school junior-year track season and all of her senior-year track season. Joni went on to a decade-plus career as a world class high jumper taking 5th in the high jump at the 1980 Olympics and winning a bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics.

High School Coach (Volunteer)

High jump coach at Hillsborough High School for 3 seasons. During that time, coached Sandy Everett who was the top ranked high school female high jumper in New Jersey.

Coached the girl’s high jump relay team to first place in district. There were only two female high jumpers available, so I had to train one of the sprinters to fill out the high jump squad. Using my approach and flight dynamics techniques, she was able to jump as close to her own height as her state-champion teammate.

Internet Coach

Frequent contributor on various high jumping forums, and owner of the High Jump forum on Yahoo Groups.

High Jump Author (HJC 2010TM approach calculator and

Designed and programmed High Jump Coach 2010TM: an innovative WindowsTM program that takes as input: the curve radius, total run length, flight angle to the bar, and flight distance; and returns a complete set of measurements for an approach. Invented the method of approach layout in 1973 while a student in mechanical engineering. Designed and wrote a web site devoted to high jump approach/flight dynamics and how to optimize bar clearance using a calculated approach.

Professional Experience

Chevron (Refinery Engineer – Richmond, CA and Perth Amboy, NJ Refineries)

Performed various engineering tasks including cost estimates, expenditure requests, engineering designs, construction management, and cost control for maintenance and plant shutdowns. Managed capital projects up to $500,000. Taught fluid flow class for operations personnel.

SMD, Inc. (Programmer/Analyst/Tester/Manager/Technical Writer)

Designed, programmed, tested, documented, and managed the production of custom software applications and mass-market software to fulfill business needs not met through commercial software. This software spanned many disciplines and employed numerous technologies. Taught classes in MS Word/Excel, and tutored students in Pascal Programming.

Architecture Plus (Designer)

Produced AutoCAD construction documents and performed structural analysis for new residences, additions, and commercial buildings. Discovered deficiencies and recommended improvements adopted by senior architects and company owners.

United States Navy (Gunfire Control Radar Technician)

USS Weiss LPR-135 and USS Dubuque LPD-8. Managed one other technician; maintained and operated two of the three radar systems on the USS DuBuque.


Oregon State University. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma honor society, President of Engineering Student Council. Emphasis in thermodynamics, with additional course work in propulsion, aircraft stability and control, aviation ground school, music theory, molecular genetics, and kinesiology.


1 year German language plus independent study (recent).