HJ Technique

Technique isn't there to make you look  good -
There are no style points awarded in a track meet.


This site focuses on approaches, takeoffs, flight dynamics, their interaction, and how you can improve your technique to get the most out of the energy you put into your jump.

Beauty and  the Technique

While it is true that great technique in high jumping is a beautiful thing to watch, it's hardly the point. The point is: all other things being equal, great technique wins meets. This is true in any athletic endeavor and the high jump is no exception. It's not about beauty; it's about leaving the bar on the standards.

Other Aspects of Technique

There are also other aspects of high jumping technique such as the human mechanics of running and of the takeoff drive. Others cover these areas very well, so I will mostly leave this area to them.

The High Jump Coach 2010TM approach calculator enables you to create an approach that is just right for you!

Read about how approaches created with HJC 2010 work and how to make physics work for you in the High Jump On-Line Book section of this site.