The basics of adjusting your approach.
Using the High Jump Coach 2010TM approach calculator, adjusting your approach to optimize your bar clearance is a relatively simple procedure.


Before you attempt any adjustments to your approach you must:
  1. Set up an initial approach using HJC 2010 (see 1st Approach).
  2. Master the execution of the approach and takeoff (see Running It!).
If you haven't done so already, this would be a good time to read the entire section on technique. Without a good understanding of how the technique works it would be very difficult to run the approach and make the takeoff correctly. Without the foundation of a good approach and takeoff no meaningful adjustments are possible.

The Adjustments

There are three basic areas of adjustment that you need to address. They are listed below and covered in more detail on the linked pages:

  • Curve Radius - which ultimately controls your rate of spin about the bar.
  • Run Length - No great mystery here.
  • Takeoff point - which is controlled by your flight distance and the angle between your flight line and the bar. Your flight distance ultimately controls the location of the apex of your flight relative to the center of the bar.