Leave the ground right and take advantage of the height.
Leaving the Ground

Pictured to the right is Roger Robojumper in the most efficient takeoff position. The first thing you should notice is that Roger is simply jumping straight ahead as if he were taking off to touch a basketball goal and intending to land on his feet.

His hips and shoulders are aligned and he is facing in the direction he is traveling - toward the center of the bar.

With one small exception (to be explained later) everything is driving upward. His arms stop with his forearms vertical and his upper arms horizontal and straight ahead. His lead leg stops with his lower leg vertical and his thigh horizontal. Notice that I didn't say which direction the thigh of his lead leg is pointing (remember the exception I mentioned a moment ago).

The Lead Leg

As viewed from above and in front, the image to the right shows the position of the lead leg with the thigh parallel to the plane of the bar and to the ground.

Driving the lead leg slightly across the body (as well as up) provides a small amount of rotation about the vertical axis.