Test your knowledge of high jumping technique.
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Question 1

What factors control the rate of a jumpers spin about the bar?
  1. How much you throw your arms toward the bar on takeoff.
  2. Your curve radius and running speed.
  3. Your lean angle at plant, your lean angle at takeoff, and how long you are on your takeoff foot during the takeoff drive.
  4. How much you arch toward the bar during your takeoff.

Question 2

How many strides should you take in your curve?
  1. 2 or 3.
  2. 3 or 4.
  3. The number of strides in your curve depends on your curve radius and may be a fractional number like 3 1/4.
  4. Half of your total number of strides.

Question 3

What causes the jumper to cross the bar
and land in the pit?
  1. The jumper must developed enough centrifugal force during the takeoff to throw himself/herself over the bar.
  2. The jumper's horizontal velocity that is left over after takeoff.
  3. The jumper has to leave the ground with his/her body angled toward the bar.
  4. The jumper must drive the arm closest to the bar over the bar.

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