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High Jump  Coach 2010TM 

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High Jump Coach 2010 is a Windows PC based high jump approach calculator which allows you to create and edit an approach specifically designed for you. It also contains an electronic book on high jump technique & troubleshooting.

Shown above is the main screen of High Jump Coach 2010


High Jump Coach 2010 has the features you need to fine tune your approach for maximum performance. Here are a few of the ways HJC 2010 can help you as a jumper or as a coach:
  • Tired of dragging the bar off with your legs? Using HJC 2010 you can control your curve radius (and therefore your rotation about the bar) precisely. Rotate about the bar correctly and your feet will fly out of the way of the bar: no more dragging the bar off with your feet or legs.
  • HJC 2010 creates approaches you can run smoothly and accurately, with smooth transitions into and out of the curve.
  • When you adjust one part of your approach HJC 2010 automatically adjusts other parts of your approach as required.
  • There are three ways to set your takeoff point, and three ways to establish your curve radius. (Read HJC Book to understand the best time to use each.)
  • Approaches display and print correctly for both left and right footed jumpers.
  • Save as many approaches as you need: perfect for coaches and perfect for jumpers who want track their approach history.
  • You can enter your approach parameters in Metric or English units.
  • Since the unexpected can always happen at a track meet, your approach measurements print in both Metric and  English units. So, it doesn't matter which kind of tape measure you have, or even if you have one of each - you're still covered.
  • HJC 2010 comes with The Coach Technique and Troubleshooting Guide. The troubleshooting guide allows you to look up what you observe (the symptom), trace it back to the root cause.