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High Jump Coaching: Still In The Dark Ages?

High jump coaches have a long tradition of guessing how to adjust a jumper's approach to facilitate an efficient takeoff and flight. If they themselves are not guessing, they are using the recommendations of other "knowledgeable" coaches who are guessing. They do this with little understanding of how the approach affects the takeoff, how the takeoff affects the flight, and how the flight affects bar clearance.

Meanwhile, in other sports, coaches and engineers are working together to improve the athlete's performance. For example: in ski jumping they have designed new, sophisticated, aerodynamic skis and learned to fly them in wind tunnels.

High Jumping Enters The 21st Century.

This site is dedicated to applying science to the high jump approach, takeoff, and flight dynamics and to bringing high jump coaching into the 21st century. The High Jump Coach On-Line Book tells how and why the science works, and the High Jump Coach 2010 approach calculator makes it easy to implement.

Knocking the bar off with your feet or legs?

If you are, then you need to get precise control of your rotation about the bar and the high point of your flight over the bar. That means getting precise control of the radius of your approach curve, your takeoff point, and the direction of travel during your flight over the bar.

Is your curve radius really right for you?

It's not enough to start your curve on a particular stride. That only gives you two or three choices of curve radius, which only gives you two or three choices of rotation rate about the bar. That's simply not good enough.

High Jump Coach 2010TM solves the problem.

Using the High Jump Coach 2010 approach calculator, you can set your curve to the precise radius required create perfect rotation about the bar. No more clearing the bar by a foot with your shoulders only to drag the bar off with your feet. High Jump Coach 2010 and the knowledge you gain from this site are the perfect combination for fine tuning your technique.

Try before you buy with a free download of the High Jump Coach 2010TM demo version. The demo version allows you to try out all the features except printing. The demo version limits the takeoff point location.

The "No Fog" Zone
While most information about high jumping technique is "foggy", this site is specific. I won't just tell you that you need to get the approach right; I will tell you exactly how and exactly why. There's no fog here!

Glen Stone

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High Jump Coach 2010TM

Precision approach calculator.  Here's why HJC2010 works and other calculators don't.

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